MVS Valuers


John Logan & Associates (JLA) is independently owned and operated. Our head office is in Bundaberg.

However, we do accept that a number of institutions are presently indicating a preference to deal on a singular basis with national firms. To cater to this preference, John Logan & Associates can offer an integrated valuation service with MVS Valuers. This is a national firm with broad representation along the eastern seaboard. Our connection to this practice allows us access to a software platform allowing  a flexibility in delivery processes. We service the valuation requirements of MVS Valuers through the same locations as John Logan & Associates (JLA). Head office for MVS is Sydney with this practice having offices in around Australia

John Logan & Associates (JLA) in this respect  has a somewhat unique structure. To offer our clients the widest choice. We are able to provide valuations under two brand names, they being John Logan & Asociates Bundaberg (JLA) and also MVS Valuers. It has been our experience that a number of institutions preferring a point of contact in a capital city may prefer MVS. However, commonly those requests that are regionally originated prefer to deal with a practice (JLA) that has a regional (Bundaberg) head office.