Services Offered

Services Offered

JLA has been providing valuation services to the Bundaberg/Wide Bay/Burnett and Coral Coast areas of Queensland for in excess of 25 years. Our experience extends from a continual and close affinity  to all sectors of the real estate industry in our geographical area of operation.

Purpose of assessments

  • Mortgage security
  • Pre-sale / pre-purchase
  • Taxing and stamp duty purposes
  • Partnership apportionment's
  • Matrimonial property settlements
  • Compensation for acquisitions and resumptions
  • Expert witness for litigation purposes
  • Company receivership's
  • Administration and Mortgagee in Possession

Property sectors covered


Residential / rural residential

  • Mortgage security purposes (banks, building societies, credit unions etc)
  • Family Law
  • Resumptions
  • Stamp Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Company receivership's, administration and Mortgagee in Possession.

Commercial Industrial

With our extensive regional network developed over 25 years, JLA is able to provide valuation services and property consultancy that is based on our intimate association with our area of operation.

  • Mortgage security
  • Asset assessments
  • Property settlements
  • Matrimonial property settlements
  • Litigation
  • Sale or Acquisition
  • Feasibility analysis and project assessment
  • Going Concern and Leasehold valuations for Motels and Caravan Parks.
Company receivership's, administration and Mortgagee in Possession.


JLA has been providing rural valuation services to the financial and business community of Bundaberg and our regional area of operation for over 25 years. The knowledge and background data held in the practice allows JLA to provide a professional service that well grounded in  local knowledge and experience. JLA provides a rural valuation service for

  • Purchase or sale
  • Mortgage purposes
  • Matrimonial property settlements
  • Dissolution purposes (Family / Company)
  • Stamp Duty / Capital Gains
  • Compensation relative to acquisitions and resumptions
  • Litigation including mediation
  • Company reporting
  • Company receivership's, administration and Mortgagee in Possession.

Our valuation services extend fro the larger western grazing holdings to the agricultural lands of the Bundaberg Irrigation area. JLA is regularly instructed to value a wide variety of properties including

  • Horticultural (citrus, macadamia nuts, mangoes etc)
  • Sugar cane farms
  • Peanut farms
  • Small crop farms
  • Small and large grazing properties
  • Irrigated and dry arable farms
  • Aquaculture (fresh & salt water)  including prawn farms

Specialised properties

The JLA valuation and property consultancy service has over the years attended to the assessment of a number of specialized properties. Examples of specialized properties valued includes

  • Motels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Backpackers
  • Motor car dealership
  • Funeral Homes
  • Pet Kennels
  • Quarries
  • Food processing factories
  • Tourism
  • Hydroponic complexes
  • Scallop breeding complex and off shore salt water farm

Reporting Format

Due to the diversity of residential valuations required over the broad geo-graphical areas services in the Bundaberg/Wide Bay/ North Burnett Regions, John Logan and Associates Bundaberg has developed a format to ensure all eventualities are adequately covered in the reporting process. This expanded format often referred to as Long Format reporting has been submitted to and approved by the API, mortgage insurer and our current PI insurer.
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